Desert Recipes

With our fantastic ides for your festive sweet course you will make a holiday to remember. After all it is a season to loosen up and indulge so why not get the most out of it?


Starting with the Christmas fruit cake to Yule log, red velvet cake, carrot cake, gingerbread cake and various cheesecakes the possibilities are endless. Of course the fruit cake is an all time classics with currants, raisins, dried cherries, orange peels and brandy. If you are a rookie try this traditional dish and you will not go wrong. Cooking a fruit cake yourself is more fun than buying one in the shop, plus you can engage the whole family in cooking.


Every culture has classic desert recipes taught from the generation to generation. Starting from the Swedish rosenmunnar, Italian pizelle, German springerle, Russian tea cakes or Danish pebber nodder you might feel like trying them all at some point. Cookies are a great way to bring joy to the kids and they do not require a lot of time or any special skills. We won’t advice you on any particular recipe, they are all amazing.


Cupcakes make for the simple and delicious festive desert recipes that are quick and delicious. The festive cupcakes mostly follow the holiday theme as well as the traditional cakes adding a modern twist. Try making red velvet, eggnog, gingerbread or pumpkin cupcakes. Do not forget about the frosting.


Pies deserve an article of their own. I can talk about the holiday pies for ages, the good thing about pies is that even people who do to like sweets like to have a piece of pie. They are not as sugary with a fresh fruity flavor making them an amazing dessert. Start with the classic mincemeat pie than work your way up to the apple, cranberry, pecan and finally sweet potato pie. You might also want to try out the eggnog pie or the buttermilk one. The good thing about pies is that they are fail-proof.


You have probably heard about the Christmas puddings for many times. Would you like to try and make your own creamy plum pudding with brown sugar, butter, milk, dates, raisins, sugared fruit peels and currants? Just combine all that in a mould and then steam for two hours. A delicious, simple and very holiday-looking dish, other varieties include carrot or sweet figgy pudding.
Also try out the sticky toffee pudding, a very famous dessert for the whole family. Make sure to do some pictures of your sweet course desert recipes and share.