Meat recipes: Make Your Dinner Unforgettable

Special Holiday Recipes

There is some truly special food that we always associate with the special days; I talk about the traditional holiday and party recipes that we keep for the special occasions. And of course the major part of a festive meal is meat. We have collected the most popular meat recipes and ideas for you to weigh in and choose your special dish for the holidays.

Pork Roast

The pork roast makes for an amazing meal. The variety of recipes allows you to find your own family favorite or try something new every time. The classic combination of rosemary, garlic and olive oil makes for a great beginner recipe. Start with the basics and work your way to the Moroccan, Czech or Cuban pork roasts.

Whole Turkey

When it comes to turkey people traditionally associate with Thanksgiving, but there is so much more to it. You can roast it, grill it, deep fry it, put it into an oven bag and even smoke it. Turkey will be perfect for a birthday, Christmas, New Year and any other occasion when you need to feed and impress the whole family. Cook it with butter and garlic for the traditional recipe; stuff it with apples, pineapples or traditional vegetables. Make a side and gravy for it, options are limitless. If you are looking for something unusual try the orange, maple syrup or honey glazing. Make it Cajun, Peruvian or Greek style; don’t forget to send us the pictures though.

Prime Rib

The prime rib is a failsafe meat dish, there is no way your loved ones remain unimpressed. The traditional prime rib meat recipe includes garlic and thyme. The rib will be full of flavor and yet tender and red inside with all the juices preserved. You can also breadcrumb it, use Cajun spices, smoke it etc. Serve it with a sauce of your choosing, vegetables or mashed potato.

Cornish Hen

Basically a Cornish hen is a commercially raised meat chicken, they grow much larger than the traditional egg laying breeds or mixed purpose breeds. Most chickens you see in your supermarket are Cornish hens no matter if they are male or female. So how do you turn this relatively cheap meat into a masterpiece? There are thousands of meat recipes to choose from. My suggestion is to first of all to use a variety of fresh herbs and spices to give meat some signature flavor. Marinade your chicken in rosemary and white wine; leave it for the night in Italian seasoning, soy sauce and garlic. Prepare different sauces and add various stuffing, it all depends on your taste.